Sonic Colors Rom: One More Exciting Development Of The Hedgehog Series.

Sonic Colors Rom is abbreviated as a Sonic Color since 1993. It is a pinball video game that development of the Sega Technical Institute and it was published by Sega itself. It is a part of the series named Sonic the Hedgehog that has been set in the Animated Universe of the Series. The gameplay of the series is as follows where the players are supposed to stop Doctor Robotnik from getting the population free from the giant mechanism of a pinball.

Sonic Colors RomThe players are supposed to collect rings in the game and also defeating the enemies and the camera shifts from one person to the other by the scrolling. The game revolves around the power-ups that can be used by the player to increase the power of attacking and also access to new areas. The Sonic is very powerful in the game can also perform the Sonic Boost that is highly Increasing the speed gradually and also can smash other things and also is capable of making a homing attack where he can kill his enemies from long distance. With sonic colors ROM you would enjoy the game better than ever.

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How the Gameplay is has been set?

This is a platform of which the basic setting is in the outer area of the space, where the players will suffice the goal that is to protect the wisps. The enslaving of the alien is also seen by Doctor Egg man. The amusement park is the game’s main hub. This place has six small planets that are combined. Sonic is guided by the six planets that are capable enough of destroying the source at the center of Sonic Colors Rom.

Every planet that is available in the amusement park is split into seven parts out of them the six are considered as the main six levels and are said to be the Boss level. The players need to guide the Sonic to the goal at the time of defeating the Enemies and also while the player is busy crossing obstacles. Once the game approaches towards the completion of the game, the players are credited with the grade that is based on their performance that is raised up or down gradually. They give remarks by an allocation of ‘S’ and ‘D’ as a best and the worst performer respectively. Gradually the player progresses in the game, the number of planets are given in his slot, and the availability of the selection becomes wider for them.

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Once all the six planets are done successfully by the player, then the bonus planet is allocated to the player which is finally the concluding planet which unlocks the whole story of the game. Players use a Wii Remote to control Sonic.