Download And Play The Best Platformer Game: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Rom

A platform genre game developed and published by Sega and designed by Takashi Iizuka. This game can be played in both single as well as multi-payer mode. The game is a 2D side-scrolling platform.


The game goes in the way that in the initial stage, the players are provided with the option to select the Sonic, Tails, or they can even select both. And in the later stages, the players are required to control the Sonic, and the Tail runs with him automatically. To control the Tail, a new or a second player can also join and control him.

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At all the level, the Sonic and the tail will face the robots called `badniks`. They need to defeat the badniks at all levels by jumping or spinning to attack them. A boost is also given to the players for a short time to speed up their performance. Apart from the badniks, there are many other obstacles that the players will face at each level while playing sonic the hedgehog 3 rom. Some of the obstacles are corkscrews, breakable walls, loops, spikes and, pits.

Each level of the game is divided into two broad `acts`! Thus it will go in the way that, at the end of the first act of each level, the players will face a `miniboss` (a big powerful robot) and at the end of the second act of the same level, the players will face the `boss`.

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The game gets over if the player loses with zero points. The player can gain rewards if he hits the robots. The rewards can be in the form of extra life, a shield for the protection from enemies and to attract the close by rings.

Levels present in the game

The game Sonic the Hedgehog 3 rom involves two exceptional stages. One is where the player can earn the power by switching on a button when he has collected at least 50 rings and passed the checkpoint. This allows the corridor to disappear the flippers from both the sides and the player can end the stage in no time. The second stage is where the player can leave the stage by passing through the blue spheres from a 3D map.

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As a player touches the sphere, it will turn into harmless red rings. If a player successfully removes all the blue spheres, he will then receive a `chaos emerald`. This can turn the Sonic into super Sonic that gains higher speed, high jumping ability, the power to smash the walls and attack all the obstacles, including the enemies (robots). A Super Sonic can also breathe underwater and can destroy all the enemies in one go.