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Download sonic 3 and knuckles rom. a platform game meant for all the adventure loving players were introduced to us all. The game offers an excellent plot where you have to plot an evil doctor who trying all his power to gain world domination! The game excluded many bugs and included a new player known as knuckles who will help you in achieving your target.

There are many new features of sonic 3 and knuckles rom that will induce you to play the game and will indulge you completely into it.

sonic 3 and knuckles romThis game will provide you with a completely different gaming experience with its graphics and music and will give you a 1990s feel of gaming.


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Why download this game?

The features of this game are enough for one to understand why one should play this game:

  • Graphics – even if the game is old with old graphics, the game was still updated to its time and was very much appreciated and it will provide you with a completely different experience.
  • Music – the music of the game is very upbeat and appealing to the ears. It is very good in quality and will humor you beyond!
  • The plot – the plot of the game revolves around the evil doctor whose aim is world domination through the different measures. You as a player need to stop him from succeeding in his mission and unlock levels and get rewards in the process. Earlier there were only two players in the previous versions but in this, you have another player called knuckles to assist you succeeding!
  • The gameplay – the gameplay is very interesting in the game and will intrigue you and you would want to play more of the game!
  • Super emeralds – the newest feature of the game includes super emeralds that you earn by playing the game! By collecting all the super emeralds you can transform your players into a more powerful version of them.
  • Zones – the game offers about 14 zones that you need to cross to reach the ultimate villain.

With these many features, we believe it is hard to say no to such an amazing game! Don’t you?

Who can play this game?

There is no age limit to the game. If you loved video games and you want to have the same experience again then you can surely download the game and have the best of experiences. The game is of the sort that anyone can play it no matter the age or generation. Starting from a kid to an older person everyone can enjoy the authenticity of this game anytime anywhere!

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