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Download Sonic Rom Hacks. In our busy schedule, everybody likes to spend some time off to relax and come back to their usual self. Computer games are a great source to provide a short, fun respite from our hectic day.

sonic rom hacksSonic the Hedgehog is a classic 2-dimensional platform gaming franchise that was initiated and controlled by the saga that got so popular among the children as well the adults in the 90s that it further led to the rise of an animated series with a cartoon character called sonic. The sonic rom hacks in a modified version of the game.

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About the gameplay

It is a two-dimensional classic platform game which features a blue colored hedgehog that runs at the speed of sound or at supersonic speed, hence his name is sonic. He runs avoiding several obstacles, and jumping and hopping upon several springs and loops to pass on further to different levels which are known as zones in the game and collects various golden rings which are hidden throughout the game at different levels and enable the lead character to endure injuries and damages and also pass on to the further stages. Upon the completion of the stage, he is granted one of the powerful chaos emeralds which are total six in number. There is also a villain called the evil doctor Robotnik who comes to know about these emeralds and wants them for himself. Sonic then attempts to free the citizens from the evil, genius doctor’s atrocities and collects the emeralds for himself. The first part of this game was released in the year 1991 and turned into an instant hit. Supersonic part 2 that was released in the later years and the gaming quality got relatively better, the size of the game increased and the overall gaming experience was made much better. It became one of the best-selling games by Genesis. The second part introduced more characters such as Sonic’s best friend known as Miles Prowers. The year 1994 introduced the third part of the game which introduced many more brilliant features.

What are sonic rom hacks?

Sonic rom hacks are basically a slightly altered or modified version of the classic platform game based on the character of the blue hedgehog that runs at the speed of sound. This alteration is made by the way of rom hacking technique. There are a number of hacks presented in the sonic rom hacks. The hacking community of the sonic games has studied and understood the game to bring about useful modifications in the game. Some modifications can be listed below:

  • Changes in the screen, the pixelated quality and the color scheme
  • Slight Changes in the features of the character
  • Changes in the sounds and background music
  • Changes in the original gameplay concept and gaming style
  • Changes in the background design and game art.

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