The Delightful Game Of Sonic 3 Rom

The successor to its earlier version of Sonic 2, sonic 3 rom is a game that was released in the year 1994. The game belongs to the genre of action and follows the story of Sonic 2, which includes the destruction of the spaceship of the main antagonist and its crash landing on an island that seems mysterious.

sonic 3 romThe game requires Sonic and his aide Miles to gather more of the emeralds so that they can prevent the space centre from launching again. This island has Knuckles in the form of its guardian.

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Plot Of Sonic 3:

  • The plot of the story has been carried forward from the previous game version where Sonic, the main protagonist has destroyed the space station of the main antagonist with the help of his aide Miles.
  • The space station that was built by the main antagonist crashes down and lands on an island which is floating in nature.
  • The island was inhabited by civilization and now only a single member of this civilization is left who goes by the name of Knuckles.
  • The levitation powers are granted to the island by the master emerald which is guarded and protected by Knuckles.
  • The antagonist whilst preparing for the reconstruction of the space station tricks Knuckles into the belief that Sonic is trying to lay his hands on master emerald. This scenario turns both Sonic and Knuckles against each other.
  • Sonic and Miles reach the island on the airplane of Miles and Sonic is trying to convert himself into Super Sonic using the emeralds but Knuckles steals them.
  • Now Sonic and Miles are travelling on the island constantly being hindered by the antagonist and Knuckles. After that, a fight takes place between Knuckles and Sonic but eventually the space station re-launches.
  • After a fight with the main antagonist, they are able to defeat him which caused the space station to get devastated again.

Game Play Of Sonic 3:

The game is a multiplayer game. Initially, the players can choose to be either Sonic or Miles or they can be both the characters. They get to control sonic at first, but after a while, a new player can join in and take control of Miles. In sonic 3 rom, Miles is given an ability to fly for a short while as well as swim underwater. The game is divided into a total of six zones and each zone is divided into acts. There are several attacks that can give a boost to the character of Sonic and Miles. All the levels consist of additional features as well as obstacles such as spikes, breakable walls, corkscrews, and vertical loops. After the end of each level, a fight is held known as a mini-boss. After reaching every new level in the game, the game is saved to save slots.

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How To Download Sonic 3 Rom?

 The game can be easily downloaded on all gaming platforms owing to its minuscule size of one megabyte which makes it very easy to install and download.