The Thrills Of Playing Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Rom

The platform game of sonic the hedgehog 2 rom is a game that was launched in the year 1992. It is the second game of the sonic the hedgehog series and a sidekick was introduced known as Miles which can be controlled by the player who is second in number. According to the narrative of the game,

sonic the hedgehog 2 romSonic along with his sidekick are on a mission to stop the main antagonist from stealing emeralds needed to power the space station.


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Plot Of The Game:

  • The premise of the game unfolds on the lines of its predecessor.
  • The antagonist of the series wants to dominate the world through the power of emeralds and a robot army that consists of animals that are trapped.
  • The antagonist is also involved in the construction of a space station which is also directed towards dominating the world.
  • According to the game narrative, sonic and his sidekick Miles are after the antagonist and eventually lead to the space station using the plane of Miles.
  • The plane is able to intrude the space station, even though it gets devastated in the whole process.
  • At the space station, Sonic is met by an impostor who he manages to challenge and destroy.
  • Soon after that, he manages to mangle the space station as well and eventually leads to knocking the impostor out of the orbit of the space station.
  • Sonic is eventually saved by Miles in the plane. After collecting all the emeralds, Sonic can be found in the ‘super sonic’ form.

Game play Of The Game:

The players can choose to play a character of sonic or his sidekick or even both. The abilities of both the characters are the same while the difference between sonic and Miles is only in cosmetic terms. The second player can join the game at any given point of time and can be in control of Miles. There are various levels within the sonic the hedgehog 2 rom game. Each and every level is divided into numerous acts with a boss fight taking place at the end of each act. A few levels have certain distinct features that are only exclusive to them such as boost pads and corkscrew loops. The enemies can be defeated by the characters jumping onto them with moves like Spin Dash and Super Attacks. Through these attacks, the player can curl himself up and spin like a ball which gives an extra boost to his speed.

How To Download The Game?

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The sonic the hedgehog 2 rom game can be downloaded easily on all the gaming platforms as well as devices. The game file occupies an overall memory of around 717 kilobytes which makes it easier to download and install on the devices.