Sonic 3 Complete Rom The Ultimate Hack To Previous Versions

Sonic 3 Complete Rom boasts of three separate modes including Sonic & Knuckles, Blue Sphere as well as Sonic 3. This is the reason Sonic 3 Complete Rom is very often compared to the awesome Sonic & Knuckles Collection. Do check out the information which is provided below if you are looking to know more about this ROM more.

Main Features

  • Provision of restoring zone order
  • Fixes as well as tweaks
  • Increased number of music choices
  • Presence of features similar to Sonic Jam
  • Additional Patches

Some of the previous versions of the game are

What are the Features?

Sonic 3 Complete RomOne of the important elements is that before the appearance of the original title screen appears, a menu is displayed letting the users select their desired game between Sonic & Knuckles, Blue Sphere, and Sonic 3 Complete Rom. Feature of changing the configuration of the game is also provided. The “beta” palette of the respective Flying Battery’s section is available to be put in its place. This feature is very similar to Sonic 3 feature of the save icon. Presence of a normal and easy mode is an extra perk.

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Unlike earlier, tails have a sequence devoted to continuing screen, introduction sequence, etc. Super Sonic has recently added all new set of sprites based on Sonic Classic Heroes. Also, knuckles now boast of consistent as well as improved underwater colours.

Super Knuckles, Super Tails and Hyper Sonic have recently added underwater pallete. Sonic three demo sequence is the same and has been adopted from The Mushroom Valley demo. Unlike earlier, the intro of Sonics Angel Island can easily be skipped just with the help of a button. To continue, the players are now required to go on and collect about 50 rings.  These rings are required to be collected in the stage of slot machine bonus stage. The recent version has recently added a HUD to show progress. A new font for credits has been designed for giving a refined look to the title card. “THE DOOMSDAY”, as well as “DEATH EGG” cheats, have been altered to “DOOMSDAY” and “DEATH EGG” and “DOOMSDAY”.

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In Sonic 3 Complete Rom, Sonic Jam‘s normal as well as easy modes of difficulty are readily available. There are also special stages with their respective object layouts. The incredibly amazing gameplay option recently introduced was designed by well-known designer Hayate. The new gameplay feature lets the players play the game carefree without the fear of dying. Also, the options menu lets the users alter Sonic’s control method.