Sonic colors ds rom is a perfect action adventurous journey for game lovers

Sonic series game has always been one of the popular choices among all the game lovers. Sonic started its game series long back and these sonic colors started in 2008. However, the gameplay is quite similar to the previous sonic releases. However, with the help of critics and audience reviews, sonic has made all the required changes that were suggested by the audiences. Sonic colors ds rom was developed mainly for the children and young audiences and gameplay was designed by keeping that in mind.

Sonic colors ds romThat is the reason the game has got a huge fanbase of children. The game has a lot of positive response and sonic succeeded to sell over 2 million copies of the game, which indicates craze of audiences.

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The most crucial thing in any game is how interesting is its gameplay. The gameplay consists of a set in space where there is six planets are connected together to form a chain of planets. The set of sonic colors ds rom is an amusement park of Dr. Egg man is an interplanetary park. Therefore, six planets will be the main levels for a user where each planet is again divided into many parts, which will act as a subset level of the main levels. The work and goal of the player are the same as sonic series where the user needs to help Sonic to cross all the hurdles in the way and reach the destination. There will be many difficulties, enemies will come during the journey, and the user needs to fight with them and cross the levels. At the end of the main level user has to fight with the main robot and must defeat it in order to proceed further.

Interesting features of the game

In Sonic colors ds rom, people are getting interesting gameplay is combined with high ended graphics and background music that makes game a perfect action adventurous game. However, the difficulty level is not much high because the game is designed by aiming for children and young audiences. Apart from the normal controls, the player will get eight special power-ups of different colors. The color of power decides the advantage of using it during the game. These are called wisps, which comes in eight colors with features such as speed boost up or drilling into different situation and surface. Users will understand the use of it while playing the game. In addition to all these, the game can also be played in multiplayer mode where players can avail the option of playing together in cooperative mode.

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Overall, the game has everything that should be expected from an ideal action-adventurous game and that is the main reason behind the popularity of the game.