Why the gameplay of sonic colors Wii rom is very special compared to other games in the series

The sonic colors Wii rom is another game from the Sonic the Hedgehog series where you get to see the same 3 characters of this saga. But the only this that makes this game so different from the other Sega games that came into the market is the gameplay of this game. This game has the strongest gameplay where you have a sci-fi plot written on the game and then the action follows.

sonic colors Wii romIf your kids have not yet come across this game then this is a must try and the reason is the plot of the game.



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The gameplay of the sonic colors Wii rom is what makes it different from the other games in the series

The plot of the game is definitely the most important part of the game. Here a scientist decides to set up a zoo somewhere in space and then that zoo is invaded by a group of aliens who visit the place. The next thing in the game is that you have to be one of the three popular characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and then fight the aliens and come back to earth safely. This zoo is set up in a place where six planets have been chained with one another and each planet will be an individual level for you. When you complete one level you are given a grade for it where S is the best grade and D is the worst possible grade that you can get. You might play the level again in order to improve your grade. Now you can understand why the gameplay of sonic colors Wii rom is so important and different when it comes to comparing these games with the other games in the Sonic hedge series.  If your kids are not aware of this game then make sure you introduce this one to them to give them the perfect feeling of a science fiction game that is ideal for the kids and the teenagers to understand and experience.

Action platform based game and platforms in which the game is available

Like the others on the list, this game is an action cum platform based genre of games and you will definitely love this game despite its old-world graphics and controls. This game is a highly addictive one and you are bound to get hooked on to your seats as you move from one level to the next and travel across different planets. The game is available across the Wii and the Nintendo DS platforms only which might be quite a disappointment for many fans.

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Overall if you are looking for a good quality science friction game for your kids then this 2010 version of sonic colors Wii rom from the Sonic the Hedgehog series is a good choice where you travel across planets connected in a chain that forms a zoo that is set in space.