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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a platform game, an updated version of the sonic hedgehog. The amazing action packed game will intrigue anyone to play and enjoy the game. The game offers many benefits and an interesting plot that one can find interesting and get emerged in the game truly.

sonic 2 romThe best part about the game is that you can still very easily enjoy the game which was developed and released quite a while back and play and get the ultimate gaming experience of all times.

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What is the plot of sonic 2 rom?

The plot of the game is continuing the original story of sonic hedgehog 2. The nemesis doctor Ivo Robotnic is planning world domination by with the power of chaos emerald and an army of robots powered by trapped animals. Additional to that he is constructing an armored space station known as the death egg for world domination. Your job as the player sonic is to ensure that the doctor does not succeed in his terrible plan of world domination.

What is the size of sonic 2 rom and what is the game-play?

The gameplay of the game is equally interesting and intriguing. As a player, you can either choose sonic or tail or both. The difference between the two is purely cosmetic. They both have similar features and strengths. If you are playing alone tail will follow sonic or vice versa depending upon your choice of the characters.

Meanwhile, a second player can always join in the game whenever wanted and play alongside the first player as either tail or sonic.

You have various adventures in this game, you go through different levels following different regions in the game fighting the robots of the evil doctor and in the end, fight a boss before actually coming forth with the doctor.

With such amazing gameplay, you get the best experience of all times!

Why play this game?

The game sonic 2 rom has amazing features to indulge you in playing this game. Some of its features include:

  • The amazing plot and gameplay – you get amazing gameplay and a plot that one will find very indulging. You would want to play more and complete the task at hand as quickly as possible.
  • Music – the music of the game is very appealing. One gets very excited by listening to music and it has a way of capturing its audience into playing more.
  • Size – the size of the game is not very huge. One can easily download the game and play and have the best gaming experience.

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