A power-packed racing game sonic r rom takes users to an adventurous journey

Sonic game series is one of the most popular game series, all are developed for Saga Saturn. Sonic r rom was the new addition in the series, which is of racing genre and comes up in 3D computer graphics. There are all the sonic characters involved in the game where the user can choose any one of them as his character and participate in the race.

Sonic r romThe game can be played in both single and multiple user mode. Meanwhile, while the racing user has to collect many coins and chips that can help to get secret characters in the future. The game has good and positive reviews, especially for graphics and music. However, the length of the game is a bit short and there is a scope of improvement in control.

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Similar to any racing game, there will be multiple tracks and a user can select any one from them to begin the race. There are multiple sonic characters who will be there and the user has to select his favorite character for participation. Initially, only four characters will be unlocked and the remaining six can be unlocked only after completing some objectives during the race. Apart from these, sonic r rom includes jumping and exploration during the race and the user has to look for hidden and shortcut ways to complete the race before others. There are different modes available such as two-player competition, four-player mode, time attacking mode and some interesting objectives during the race. All the characters will possess their own unique ability such as some characters are good at jumping and some will be fast.


Storyline of the game starts with a holiday scene where all characters are willing to go on a holiday but they encountered a poster of “world grand pix”.  Though they were not interested in participation after getting to know about Dr. Robotnik participation, they decided to go for it. They have to know about the bad intentions of Dr. Robotnik that he was planning to enslave the world using these world grand pix. So in order to save the world from Dr. Robotnik’s bad intentions, they decided to keep the tournament out of the reach of Robotnik. Actually, this “world grand pix” was nothing but to distract the sonics but somehow sonic managed to find it out.

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The game sonic r rom has everything and can be termed as a perfect entertainer. High-end visuals and background themed music make the game fun to play. The gameplay is justifying and interesting where sonic characters and sonic featured tracks are impressing during the race time. The user is allowed to choose the four different weather, many different racetrack and ten sonic characters before beginning the race. The audience, as well as critics, have given good and positive reviews to the game. Sonic games have a strong fanbase and they expect a lot whenever a new edition gets the release. Fortunately sonic is always managing to impress its fan’s with all the efforts.