Get On Your Action Shoes To Start The Play With Sonic Advance 2 Rom

Download Sonic Advance 2 rom. Getting adventure with gaming is one of the innovative aspects of video games. And when it comes to Sonic Advance it is loved by many people from long. Sonic Advance 2 is the sequel to Sonic Advance adding up the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The story of the game travels along the same line to save friends from Dr. Eggman. The game took almost eight months to program with the real game engine.

Sonic Advance 2 romThe game received quite positive views on its release for its update over the previous games. The sonic advance 2 rom has quite a demand owing to its perfect gaming algorithms.

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How is the gameplay?

The gameplay and the platform go parallel with the Sonic Advance for its side-scrolling platforms and style. The player takes the control of Sonic who can eventually unlock three among its playable characters. There is an additional fifth character that can only be unlocked after the game is completed with all the four characters. Each character in Sonic Advance 2 is equipped with its own abilities and special moves. The grinding and boost moves make the game even better.

When you consider the moves it is almost similar to the traditional Sonic games with moving rapidly through the zones. There are seven game zones or levels in the game. Each level is made up of two of the normal gameplay and a boss battle. The players can also get access to special zones if they can access special zones. The best fact about the special zones is that they are in a 3D plane. As soon as the player completes all the levels and finds all the Emeralds the final act gets unlocked.

What is the plot of the game?

As in the previous Dr. Eggman plays the evil with his malicious plans, the same plan goes here. He is up to playing his tricks again. He is now kidnapping the animals and delivering them as a conquest for dominating the world. The sonic is set out to save his amigos and get the magical emeralds from Dr. Eggman.

What are the various characters in the game?

With the upgrades in sonic advance 2 rom the game is developed in its characters as well. The following are the playable characters of the game:

  • Sonic
  • Cream Rabbit
  • Miles
  • Knuckles
  • Amy Rose

There are some non-playable characters too in the game including:

  • Eggman
  • Vanilla Rabbit
  • Robo
  • Chao
  • Tikal

There are several animals in the game too that are kidnapped by the evil doctor. If you go for other characters there are several bosses and enemies too as the part of the theme of the game.

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There seven levels of the game make the game exciting and adventurous. The game is made best to play for people who like the sonic gameplay.